About The Project ︎

Welcome to the Society of Disabled Oracles, a living chorus and archive of disabled wisdom from the past, present and future. We have been waiting for you. This is a collection of ‘telegrams’ by disabled oracles to the world.

What truths, prophecies, and warnings do you want to share with the world? Check out the various tiles from our disabled oracle deck on the website and read the prompts. If the spirit moves you, submit your story by filling out the form. More details can be found in our How to Participate and Terms of Use page.

Image description above: From left to right:  Digital collage that includes Black and white photo portraits of three people staring pensively at the camera, an Afro-Latina person with medium length hair swept to one side of her shoulders, wearing a headband and wearing tupac earrings. An Asian person smiling with a mask that is connected to a gray tube over her nose, and she is wearing a crew neck blouse with an illustration of a tiger. She is sitting in her power wheelchair. An Iranian person with short, dark curly hair and circular. They wear a black shirt while their hand rests on their chin. Around each persons head rests an illustrated white triangular circle crown on a purple background. 

The Society of Disabled Oracles is a collaboration by Aimi Hamraie, Jen White-Johnson and Alice Wong.

Use the hashtag #SocietyOfDisabledOracles and tag us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Website Design and Artwork by Jen White-Johnson.


︎  SocietyOfDisabledOracles@gmail.com 


︎ Disabled Oracles and the Coronavirus, Disability Visibility Project, March 18, 2020.

︎ Message from the Future, Disability Visibility Project, April 14, 2020.

︎ Quote from Alex Locust / Glamputee