How To Participate  

  1. Click ︎ on a card on the main page that you are drawn to. Explore all of them if you’d like.

  2. Read the prompts for that card. If none of the cards appeal to you, select ‘The Other.’

  3.  If the spirit moves you, ︎ submit your story here, 500 words or less.

Please note: submitting a telegram does not mean it will be accepted.

We can only accept text-based submissions at this time, but you are welcome to cross-post your text along with audio/visual materials on social media using the tag #SocietyofDisabledOracles. If you need support producing text, please email us!

Notes on Usage and Submission
This is your work and you own the rights to it. Your work will not be used for commercial purposes by the Society of Disabled Oracles. There is no remuneration for use of your work. For more, check out the Terms of Use.


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